Isaaka is an acryonym where I stands for Individuality, SA and KA for the co-founders; Sakshi and Deepika.

We inspire you to reflect your individuality in your space, the space which is a part of your identity. Be it minimalistic, elegant, maximalist, luxe or classic, at ISAAKA, you will find the ideal decor blend catered to your individuality (I).


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Isaaka Outdoor

Wake Up Call

Rs. 4,900.00

Coffee 3D Wall Art | Collection Taste (Experience that turns into habit)

Are you the person who can't start your day without your best friend, Coffee?

Is your personality not sassy enough without starting your day with a cup of coffee?

If the above is a yes then reflect yourself through this super cool wall art piece! You can either hang on the wall or place this amazing artefact on a coffee table!

General Care: Wipe with a wet cloth
Assembly: None required. Simply put a nail in the wall and hang it up
3D component: Treated real coffee beans and a ceramic cup
Dimension: H 16" W 11" D 5.5" (height, width, depth in inches)




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