Dotto 6" Dessert Plates (set of 6)

Rs. 3,600.00 Rs. 4,350.00

Set includes 6 plates, 2 of each colour: Midnight Blue, Powder Grey, Blush Peach.

COLLECTION DOTTO: an ode to the raw energy that surrounds us & powers us through life in the form of 5 elements, nature & universe. We are representing this force of nature in a daily use item so we can remember the power we have within us to create magic each day, everyday.

If you are a sucker for all things pretty around you, then you can't resist our Dotto plates. These are extremely cute, pastel-glazed, insta-worthy and multi-functional plates wherein you can sit with them all day for snacking, use them on your bed side table to keep your daily essentials or on your make-up dresser.

Basically these are your go-to plates cum trays for every day, any occasion, any meal!

Size: 6" diameter

Material Ceramic, enhanced with 12 carat gold rim.

Care: Hand-wash only with a soft sponge. (not safe for Microwave due to gold).