Flower Vase and Photoframe (Double, Gold)

Rs. 1,799.00

We hold great pride in handcrafting each of our products and the natural flaws they come with however there are some products that don't make it to the "first" lot and we call these "seconds". Equally beautiful to look at and in perfect functioning condition, the flaws in these products include gold color irregularities with black marks. Be rest assured these are as functional and great as our first lot but just with flaws as described. 

SECOND PRODUCT: this product has been hand-made and due to hand-making, there have been imperfections in few pcs.It is still lovely to use however it did not make the cut for the first lot and hence called SECONDS PRODUCT and on sale. There will be visible issues in the finishing (for eg, small paint marks with gold irregularities on the surface.)

Looking for the right words to say? Express your best wishes using our Messenger (Double) vase as a sweet gesture with messages, photos, sentiments and flowers.

This is the perfect decor accessory where you can also hang some photos, write positive goals for yourself or cute messages for your loved ones and change them as frequently as you wish! A little bit of DIY with glamour and style is the best home decor accessory.

Our Messenger Vase comes with a ceramic vase, metal frame, paper clips and one double sided printed card (double side).

Style Tip: use one side to hang a photo and one side for a hand-written note!

Inclusions: 1 Pc includes 1 pot, 1 gold frame, 4 paper clips, 1 card (card is pre-printed on both the sides)

Dimensions: 34 × 6.5 × 21.5 cm

 pl note: the stand might have few antique looking marks hence it is on heavy discount.