3D Wall Art Decor: Telephone

Rs. 1,899.00 Rs. 3,400.00

Tring Tring | Telephone 3D Wall Art | Collection Yaad (nostalgia for the olden days)

The good old days when we weren't distracted by smartphones. When there was no option but to wait for a long distance phone call from your loved one, when we had to rotate the numbers one by one to speak to someone.

A retro Wall art to hang on your wall and remember the antiques and the different era!

A perfect gift for your Grandmoms and Granddads...to remind them of their olden days!

General Care: Wipe with a wet cloth
Assembly: None required. Simply put a nail in the wall and hang it up
3D component: Wire
Dimension: H 16.5" W 8" D 2" (height, width, depth)

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