LAST PIECE: Trapez Silver Candle Stand

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We hold great pride in handcrafting each of our products and the natural flaws they come with however there are some products that don't make it to the "first" lot and we call these "seconds". Equally beautiful to look at and in perfect functioning condition, the flaws in these products include gold color irregularities with black marks. Be rest assured these are as functional and great as our first lot but just with flaws as described. 

SECOND PRODUCT: this product has been hand-made and due to hand-making, there have been imperfections in few pcs.It is still lovely to use however it did not make the cut for the first lot and hence called SECONDS PRODUCT and on sale. There will be visible issues in the finishing.

PS: we are only left with second sale item for this color. In hand-crafted products, at times we end up with slightly faulty product due to human error, hence we are putting this on seconds sale as it is still pretty to see but the holder is tilted and hence on heavy discount. If you would like to see the piece before ordering, please get in touch with us on +919902065195.

This Candle Holder is part of multiple interior design styles like Art deco, Contemporary and Modern! Home decor lovers who want uniqueness and love geometrical shapes will adore this candle holder!

All products are handmade in India. Slight unevenness in the finish is an expected part of the manufacturing process and should not be considered a flaw.

The Candle Holders are photographed in natural light and undergo very little image correction. However, there might be a slight colour difference between the product you see on a screen and the one you receive.

*Candles/wax pillars are not includes. Pack contains the Silver Candle Holder and Glass Cylinder.

Dimensions: 30 x 42 x 8 cm (LxHxW)

Care: Wipe with a dry cloth